Photographic consent


East Sussex Music need your consent to use photography or video footage of:

  • your child or children (under 16 years) or

  • yourself (if 16 and over).

Where we use images

  • In print; in the East Sussex Music brochures and other printed material, such as council publicity and local press.

  • in video productions; for DVD and Internet distribution; in broadcast media.

  • on our website, (including PDF downloads of our printed publications)

  • in social media, like Twitter and Facebook.

People around the world can view our website and social media. Access is not limited to the United Kingdom where UK law applies.

We do not usually name children in general photos or videos. However, if the photo or video marks an achievement, like winning an award, we may wish to name them.

You can change your mind about the permission you give us by telling us in writing.