Lessons start with learning basic rock and pop grooves and fills, and exercises to develop coordination, control and technique. You’ll then start playing modern, classic rock and pop songs to prepare you for playing in a band.


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“The drums are an incredibly exciting instrument to play and you will be able to rock a basic beat along to some music pretty quickly. All you will need to begin with is a set of sticks.”

As your playing develops you can:

  • take graded exams,

  • prepare for GCSE, BTec or A-level courses,

  • discover different types of music, and

  • develop different styles.

Do you need a drum kit?

You don’t need a drum kit to start with. All schools have a drum kit. Let your music teacher know you are learning and arrange times to practice, before and after school or in breaks.
Owning your own kit will help you to practice and develop your skills more quickly. Ask your music teacher for advice on the best kit for you, second hand or new:

  • acoustic

  • electronic

  • flat pack

Playing in a band

Once you have mastered some basics there are opportunities to play in bands in your school or groups outside of school. There are rock and pop courses, percussion groups, samba bands and other musical opportunities including concert bands, orchestras and brass bands. Your teacher will know about these groups and offer you the opportunities when they think you are ready.

Drum masterclasses

We put on sessions with some of the most respected drummers in the U.K’s music industry. We had visits from Steve White, Ralph Salmins, Sebastian Roachford, Richard Spaven, Adam Bushell and Luke Flowers.