We teach a wide range of instruments, either

  • during the day at your child’s school or

  • at centralised venues across the county, after school or on Saturday mornings.

You can choose which of these options you prefer. Most parents/carers prefer lessons during the school day, but this often means your child will miss a short time of their class work. We do not offer lessons in your own home.

We deliver lessons once a week for 30 weeks, spread over the school year. In between lessons, it is important that students practice at home. The teacher will tell you what to practice and write it in the student’s notebook.

Our teachers teach a carefully written scheme of work, just like other subjects in school. This covers the musical and technical skills necessary to enjoy music and playing the instrument. A lot of pupils also attend our area music centres which are on a Saturday morning so they can also enjoy playing their instrument with other students.

Students can take music exams if they wish to, when they are ready. This is great for celebrating what you have achieved but you don’t have to if you prefer not to.

To really enjoy playing an instrument takes a lot of effort over a long time. Many of our students, including those who make a career out of music, will learn with us for many years.

The best way to start is to choose the instrument that inspires you, register for lessons and see where your journey takes you.