Keyboard and Piano


You can start having group keyboard and piano lessons in year 2. We can arrange individual piano lessons in most secondary schools. There are opportunities to join area music centre ensembles after learning for about a year.


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“The ancient Greeks invented the first keyboard instrument in the form of the organ. The piano made its debut In the 17th century and electronic keyboards and synthesizers appeared in the 20th century.”

The keyboard is a great instrument. You can make it sound like a whole band on your own. Or you can play in ensembles bands, and accompany solo musicians.

What you’ll learn

  • basic keyboard skills – right hand playing the melody, left hand playing single finger chords,

  • setting up the keyboard sounds and styles,

  • full fingered chords,

  • how to read bass clef and play piano style music,

  • rock and pop keyboard, classical piano, or various music styles.