Area Music Centres

Welcome to our Area Music Centres!  We believe the best part of music making is making music together.  Join us for some great activities Monday to Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at a variety of venues across East Sussex.  We are accepting applications for all the activities listed for our Music Centre below.  Please click the area geographically closest to you to find out more!


Next steps

  • If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • The termly fee for area music centres covers all activities, groups and classes. 

  • To apply to join a music centre, click the ‘Apply Here’.

  • After you apply we’ll contact you with your schedule. It is not possible to just come along to classes (for safety and care reasons) – you must register in advance and have been notified of your start date before you begin.

See our terms and conditions.


Prefer Online?

Take a look at our Virtual Music Centre