Tips for Learning Online

We are committed to the young musicians who learn with us and want to ensure you can keep making music while at home. We are excited to offer online lessons and a new Virtual Music Centre which will take place over Zoom.

We're aware this will be very different to normal face to face lessons and activities but we have provided videos and guides to help get you set up and adjust. 

The automatic settings in Zoom will not be the best for music lessons and will need altering before your first lesson. Please ensure you follow the advise below carefully to ensure the best audio and video experience possible during your lessons.

Once you're all set up, if you have not used Zoom before we recommend having a quick trial call with a friend or family member so you are familiar with how it works before your first lesson.


Online Lesson Webinar

Team members Emma, Peter and Chris guide you through setting up Zoom, show you how to get the best sound, and how online lessons will work. They also discuss safeguarding, answer your questions and give us a sample of an online lesson!

View hard copy of the instructions from Zoom tutorial