Online Lessons FAQs

Will my child’s lessons continue with the same teacher?
It is our aim that all young musicians will be able to continue learning with their existing teacher. Of course, there will remain some circumstances where teacher changes may have to be made (such as staff retirement, moving to a new role or teacher availability).


Will my child be learning in the same group, on the same day/time?
We would aim to keep tuition groups the same and we will be asking teachers to liaise with parents to set up lessons times. Where possible teachers will aim to timetable lessons on the same day, however we appreciate this may not be possible and in order to meet your needs, there will be opportunities for young musicians to be regrouped to ensure that they are learning with other pupils of a similar age and stage.

What measures are you taking to safeguard children when taking part in lessons online?
We have created an Online Tuition Agreement that includes updated measures regarding safeguarding in an online setting that supplements our present Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy. Please find further information here.

What equipment do I need to take part in online lessons?
To participate in online lessons all you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and access to the internet. Please find below links to our video tutorial on Zoom and webinar delivered by members of our team about how you can set up online lessons.

Zoom tutorial 
Webinar for Parents/Carers 

If my child continues with online lessons, what will be the fee for the term?
Lessons will continue to be delivered by our highly trained team of expert teachers in line with our Schemes of Work and within our overall policy framework. Therefore the fee for online lessons will remain the same as for lessons in schools. If you were previously eligible for a bursary or financial assistance, then this will continue at the same rate.

I am not sure online lessons will work for my child. Can I have a free taster session before I commit to lessons next term?
Since the lockdown we have taught over 3000 pupils online. We are confident that we can offer a meaningful and effective learning experience for all pupils, through online lessons. As with any new learning environment some aspects of the lesson will be different but our teachers have been trained in using online platforms, to trouble-shoot for common technical problems and to adapt teaching methodologies and approaches to be suitable for online learning.

Are online lessons suitable for beginners?
Online lessons are suitable for learners of all ages and stages and our team of expert teachers will ensure that your child is able to enjoy and make progress in their music making. With younger children we would recommend that ideally an adult/older family member also attends the lesson, in order to be able to offer your child additional support during the time between lessons. We are also producing online resources on our YouTube channel to help young musicians and parents/carers to prepare for online lessons.

I am not sure we can provide a suitable space for lessons. Can we still continue?
Our Tuition Agreement sets out recommendations for the ideal conditions in which a lesson should take place. However we do appreciate that families will have different situations at home. If you are concerned about having a suitable space for lessons do please contact us directly so that we can talk through your specific set of circumstances and offer advice and support to make the learning environment as suitable as possible.

Will instrument hire fees continue for the next term?
For young musicians who are continuing with tuition, hire fees will continue at the same charge as last term. For pupils who are withdrawing but have a BHMA/ESM instrument, you will not be charged a hire fee for the new term but will need to keep the instrument safely until our offices reopen and it can be returned.

We hire an instrument from you and it is not working. Can I get it repaired/get a replacement?
Many instrument repair shops/businesses and our buildings that house instruments are closed/open for limited hours. However, please contact us directly and we will try to offer further support and explore alternative arrangements.

My child doesn’t have an instrument (drum kit) at home. How can they continue lessons?
The most important piece of equipment for any drummer is a pair of drumsticks – if you have sticks you can play! We have developed a more detailed guide ‘No drum kit? No problem!’ which you can view here.

​Will I be charged if I withdraw from lessons now?
A fee is charged if notice to withdraw is not received by the below dates:

  • 1st December to stop at the end of the autumn term (late December)

  • 1st March to stop at the end of the spring term (late March/early April)

  • 1st August to stop at the end of the summer term (late July)

What is happening about Music Centre?
Following the success of our Virtual Music Centre we are continuing to offer creative ensemble activities online during Autumn 2020. We are also planning for a return to face-to-face Music Centre activities later in the term. Please see our Virtual Music Centre page for more information.

My child took part in online lessons last term. Do I need to let you know they want to continue?
Thank you to those parents/carers and pupils who took part in online lessons during the summer term. You do not need to take any further action. Your teacher will contact you directly regarding arrangements for lessons this term.