String Instruments


These are excellent instruments for young children. A variety of sizes mean you can start playing from year KS1.


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“String instruments are among the oldest instruments dating back to well before the 17th Century. You can play all sorts of music on string instruments from classical and jazz to rock and pop.”

There are four main instruments in the strings family:


This is a great instrument for children as young as 5 to start learning. Its small size makes it easy and comfortable to play. You can buy new instruments from as little as £40.


The middle and mellow instrument of the string family. Children can start group lessons from year 3. Many violinists move on to the viola at our area music centre ensembles.


Children can start the cello from year 1. It has a beautiful and rich tone and is a comfortable instrument to play. It’s the second most common instrument of the string family.

Double bass

Children can start the double bass from year 5. It’s perfect for people who don’t like high-pitched sounds and is important in classical and jazz music.